About Us

Cosellie first began in the summer of 2014. With a dream of just making cute embroidery items for family and learning the art of embroidery via Google and YouTube, it became clear more people than just friends and family were interested in our items. In the spring of 2016, the business began to grow and an official name was needed. Cosy Designs was created, named after our first dog, Cosette. After being featured in a BuzzFeed article in August 2016, things began to grow much more quickly than anticipated. As a result, a new name Cosellie was created (formed from our 2 dogs, Cosette and Ellie) and the website planning began in May 2017.

Our goal is to offer beautiful handmade items and embroidery designs that are one of a kind. We try to offer plenty of options since we believe if you are paying for a custom item, you should be able to get exactly what you are wanting. We are located in the heart of the South in Birmingham, AL.


Featured above: Ellie (left) and Cosette (right). Ellie is the self-proclaimed head model and incoming package inspector. Cosette is the self-proclaimed incoming package inspector and recycling expert. Cosette and Ellie are also biological Bichon Frise sisters, born here in Alabama.

Owners above, Daniel (left) and Jill (right). We both love the beach and almost anything that has to do with outside in the spring, summer, and fall. Being in Alabama, we are also huge college football fans (hint we cheer for the red and best team). Daniel has a love for golf, why we tend to make more golf themed items than most people. Jill loves creating just about anything including food.

Thanks for stopping by our site and we hope that you find something you love!